Privacy Policy

1 Introduction

Review the terms of our privacy policies thoroughly to become aware of any information we collect about our details. If you don’t agree with the Policy or some of its provisions which you’re dissatisfied with our Policy This does not constitute an invitation to make use of any of our products or services or any other site which is connected in any way to this Policy. By accessing and using this site and its services, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Any changes in the policies will be made public when the policy is posted on our website. We will also test different methods of informing you about the changes, and asking for your consent to these terms and conditions included. Your obligation is to be informed of privacy policies and ensure that your account remains maintained in good standing through every change or update.

1.1 What is the best way to Gather Data?

The majority of information you provide is provided by the user when the registration process of registering for an account or when you write your online reviews. Certain types of data are gathered through technology like the IP address from your computer.

1.2 What Do We Utilize the Data Collected?

The reason behind the information collected on you is to offer the most secure security and services. Additionally, it serves other functions, like security against fraud, as well as directly communicating between two people and marketing via digital channels, as well as making certain that the market is authentic. market.

For more details on how the information supplied by the authors is utilized to make decisions about the information they provide look at the information below.

We’ll give you our services, which include hosting your site, and an active account that allows you to manage your website and use the information to analyze and improve. Other applications include:

  • You will be identified as a user who has an active account every when log in or go to the site.
  • Make improvements and updates to our services and website.
  • We will be in touch with you to send out our newsletters if you have signed up.
  • You must adhere to the regulations and rules applicable to your area. They conform to the regulations of public agencies as well as public agencies.
  • Examine them to confirm that they’re authentic
  • It would be great to see your reviews written by you.
  • Inform the company that you have an experience review of a service or product and made use of to use the Facethealthgroup platform to evaluate the overall quality of your experience across all areas.
  • Be aware of whether your review has been granted five stars or has received negative feedback.
  • Answer any question that pops into your mind. You can also provide satisfaction-based support to your customers.
  • Contact us immediately when your content is considered in violation of the rules by a specific organization or by an individual user. We may request evidence to establish the authenticity or legitimacy or authenticity of the information you provide.
  • Allow users to connect through social sharing tools. This allows users of our network to connect with any Facethealthgroup user via any social network they prefer by using the information we provide.
  • It is important to mention that users of social networks can also be found on our site which increases the trust that our members have. This also improves the quality of user reviews and experiences on our website.t
  • Please review our terms and conditions.
  • Make sure that the company and its associates by placing the highest priority given to rights security, privacy, and security.
  • Integrate audits, data monitoring, audits, and monitoring fraud. Create new products and services. Other goals within the company include improving the efficiency of the site by identifying trends and then reviewing the strategy for marketing, which is designed to enhance the efficiency of the business procedures of the business.

We may also use the data you provide us in various ways to let us know of your request, and we will seek your consent.

1.3 The Reasons We Collect Data

The reason for collecting personal information is to:

  • Follow the legal requirements to ensure smooth operations within the business, and by the framework legal set forth by the law.
  • Establish and protect legal rights whenever necessary.
  • Accept our terms and conditions of the contract we have with us.
  • Be aware of legitimate business interests, like our services or any rights of third parties that do not override the rights of the user or rights.

There are a variety of reasons for the collection of data that are comparable as we’re legally obligated to obtain that data. If you are in a situation where you have given your consent for us to process your personal information, it is easy to reach us and ask to withdraw your consent at any time. For instance, if you have signed up for our newsletters by email, it’s simple for you to monitor your subscriber, and opt out of our email newsletter. Be aware that the data you provide will only be processed in the guidelines as described in the paragraphs preceding However, you are entitled to the right to exercise all rights as a user.

When you publish reviews or go to Facethealthgroup to write reviews, browse Facethealthgroup to create reviews, or use the Facethealthgroup website, it’s required to provide certain of your details with Facethealthgroup. Your personal information will be used to meet various goals of efficiency for the company. Find this article to learn more about the data that we collect, the ways we use it, and your rights regarding privacy and security of your information.

  1. Master data

When an account is created on the website, it creates an account automatically to use for private purposes (Facethealthgroup account) for the user who registered it. The account is set up to keep personal information about the account’s owner. the information collected is:”

  • Username (public information),
  • A passcode that is highly secure and encrypted
  • email address email address
  • The geolocation feature, as being its country (country information is made available to the general public).

This is vital to set up a functioning account, which allows you to write reviews on the site.

Additionally, users can include additional information on their profiles. It is possible to add the username image, description, or a photo of your profile, gender, as well as place of residence, and language. Any other information you add to your profile will be visible to anyone who visits your profile.

Facethealthgroup Facethealthgroup publishes high-quality content and integrates them into their profile to enhance the user experience when they go to their profiles. The site also encourages other reviews submitted by users who are like the profile. The user must set up an anonymous account. It’s contingent on the type of information that is shared, for instance, usernames.

2.1 The information is used to calculate the ratings or reviews.

If a review which is brand new to the company is written by someone else, we have gathered information from reviewers and included them in the review and the rating.

  • Names of the firm were investigated
  • The title and the content of the article.
  • The sale or service is the topic of the review. (definition of “Service Experience” in our Guidelines for Review)
  • Assessment of your Service Experience from the Company (1-5 stars)
  • A score of the product (1-5 stars)
  • Your Service Experience’s Place
  • The date of publication of the review. If it has been modified at the time the review was altered
  • An order reference, if supplied by the author or the company

If the business asks for documents to establish an authenticity claim to the Service Experience, we invite you to not divulge any sensitive information or information regarding someone else or you. We collect only information to fulfill the purpose(s) stated within the inquiry.

2.2 Data about your views, opinions and the significance of your review could be given to reviewers

If people find a review helpful, or readers “like” your review on our site We gather this data. We also track data such as the number of people who read your review, as well as the percentage of people that shared the review with other people. We do not track people who don’t have an account, but who don’t have read your reviews. If there’s a chance of “like” other authors’ reviews, we will get the information as well. Websites are built using an algorithm that ensures that they’re not able to discover the majority of the time.

2.3 Notices for Us

If you’ve fallen victim to a review or article that you feel violates our user guidelines set forth by us We encourage you to contact us. Users can email us with additional information such as an account of what happened in the review. The information we collect is:

  • The review that you’ve sent us about
  • The date of the
  • The reason you believe you violate the law and other reasons like that.

2.4 The information comes from a variety of websites that include social networks, like Facebook

Your Facethealthgroup account has the option of linking your account to all of your profiles on social media, including Facebook and Instagram (“Social Networks”). If you select this option the platform will automatically gather various types of data, depending on the privacy settings for the specific Social Networking Sites. Information that is made publicly accessible on the website is the first item to be kept as well as the most basic information about the profile of the user will be gathered from us, which includes:

  • Names, usernames, and/or names are displayed on the platform.
  • Registered email address
  • Profile photo
  • Your social networks

If you make an inquiry to connect the profile of your social media to the Facethealthgroup profile and wish for us to be part of your network, we’ll be informing you of the data we gather. You will be provided with an authorization window that allows you to take the required steps.

Additionally, it’s contingent upon what the individual user’s preferences are in regards to the time he would like for both of the profiles. You can unblock both accounts with the help of logging into Your Facethealthgroup account. After you’ve completed the procedure, Facethealthgroup will delete your unique Social Network ID. The company will also disable the company’s Facebook as well as Instagram accounts. The profile photo that you have posted displayed on Facebook, as well as Instagram, will remain on your Facethealthgroup profile until you separately change your profile photo.

  1. Cookies

Cookies allow you to identify your computer and device more than any other user. Cookies can also be used for different functions. Our websites use cookies.

When a site is visited, the site will be able to register the settings for the browser on the machine along with an IP address. The locations of the browser will comprise the type of browser used to browse the website as well as its timeline, and the language employed by the web browser.

3.1 Options and the Location

We track the IP address of your computer each time you visit our site. This ID is the ID that permits you to access the review section on our website.

The settings of browsers include the type of browser being used, as well as the language it is running in and the time and date. The data we collect can be used to locate the device or computer which was used to carry out unlawful activities or other crimes connected to our site. This feature also allows us to determine your location on an approximate city-wide location to aid us in understanding the terms and conditions applicable to you, based on the geographical place that your device is situated.

  1. E-mails and newsletters from Digest

If you’ve signed up for our newsletters, or other services using email, as well as other similar services, we’ll save your email address as well as your preferences about our emails. If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters, or any other email newsletter You can opt-out of receiving these newsletters by following an easy procedure. Log in to your account, then go to the settings of your email and click to unsubscribe. In case you cannot stop receiving our newsletters, contact us at admin@Facethealthgroupcom.

You are entitled to challenge how we process your data or request us to limit the processing. See the following paragraph 12, for more information.

If you’d like to know more about the legal basis we use to handle your data Contact us. We have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) (see 14 below).

  1. Information about personal data

Information about personal details can be shared between platforms in different ways, however, there are certain limitations when sharing personal information. Websites and online platforms provide users with an interface that can be made custom and distinct from others. Personal settings as well as other security settings need to be taken into consideration while using these platforms, in addition to granting permissions.

5.1 Your data on this website

Facethealthgroup offers an online evaluation site that was created to let you post your personal experiences on the site. This lets people who are interested in the company or product gain insight from your experience. If a review is in-depth, we will provide details on the reviewer, such as:

  • Your username
  • Various
  • reviews you’ve written
  • The country in which you reside, or the location of your residence

5.2 Other information that you provided on the information you shared on Your Social Networks

If you’re planning to use a pseudonym to sign your account in order to be an author at Facethealthgroup ensure that you do not use your actual name for your username. This will reveal your identity regardless of whether it’s in full or in specific. The basis of it is determined by the volume of data that the user divulges. It decides whether the profile is anonymous or not.

Be cautious when deciding which information to disclose to the public on your website.

5.3 Master-Details, as well as any other information: On the occasion of any incident, such as reviewing Writing or logging in with your username or your location, as well as any other data that you provide will be displayed on the site. The business you write about may have access to the information you’ve posted through your site. To limit readers to read your article, you may restrict access via your Account Settings.

5.4 location In the event that you write online reviews, we make use of the address you have used to connect to your devices for locating your location within the closest state. The system is automated and is part of the worldwide web. The information is accessible to other users of the web as well.

Reviews you’ve come across that are valuable: When you find important reviews about yourself, and you’re satisfied with your work by “liking” the review, then other users of Facethealthgroup can look over the reviews you’ve liked.

5.5 Social Media After you’ve connected to your social media account the information that’s being collected includes your name, your profile picture, and birth date, as well as where you’re from. The data you share depends on the privacy settings you set on your social media. So, the amount of data you provide on Facebook will allow you to be identified on the website. Others can also see the reviews you’ve posted.

If you choose to secure your identity using an anonymous pseudonym to substitute your Facethealthgroup account it is crucial to be aware that you should not join any social network(s) that could result in results that are different. This could reveal you’re true identity to people who visit the website, and it could also remove the fake name you made. Also, should you find out that anyone of your friends is a customer of Facethealthgroup We will disclose the “Connection” is visible on the website is visible only shows users who belong to Facethealthgroup? Other members who are clients of Facethealthgroup can see links to Social networks aside from you.

5.6 Information about the services is linked with the profiles

If you decide to connect your Facethealthgroup Account with your own personal Social Networking profile, data that the company gathers about the use of its services, such as our website reviews and other details you share will be accessible and provided to Connections. Unless you decide to alter the privacy setting in Connections, the data you provide to Connections or Connections, the default privacy settings for both will remain in place. Connections are your Social Network, data like your reviews will be displayed in Connections.

5.7 Details about other websites, services, and companies

Help in assisting with the amount of users who check out the reviews you post to us, we’ve designed an efficient structure that will be supported according to the standards set by the industry. Facethealthgroup’s primary goal is to boost access and visibility of nifty authentic reviews. This is the reason we provide additional feature reviews that can be added to our site.

Many third-party services and companies permit you to show your user reviews as well as the profile of your user which is publicly available. This includes:

  • Search engines are similar to search engines. Google and Bing
  • Companies that are monitored by Facethealthgroup
  • Companies who invite you to look at their product or service
  • Guides for Consumers and Retailers to shopping sites for cost comparisons and more.
  • Platforms and apps that work together like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, & Prestashop.
  • Based on Facethealthgroup’s analysis various other websites could be appropriate for our reviews.
  • Facebook If your posting is posted on Social Network, this means that the following information will be published:
  • Write an review(s), (see 1.2 above)
  • The username you choose, the nationality (location) as well as any other details you want to include in your profile. For instance, your city or the name of the profile including your name, gender, your picture, and your preferred language.

5.8 Some points to keep in mind:

If a business sends you an invitation to write a review on their products, you may utilize our service for invitations. Imagine that you set up your account with Facethealthgroup as a reply to that invitation. The company that asked for your review could use and link your review as a response to the invitation.

If we have to confirm the legitimacy of your review. If we need to verify the validity of your review, we will contact you and request all the documents needed to prove that you’ve had any experience with buying or receiving services from the company you read about. We strongly recommend keeping proof of your service or purchase for 12 months following the date you wrote your review. Avoid sending important personal documents.

We don’t share the information we receive through you to any company that you’ve viewed. If we have an exact reference, such as an purchase ID or order ID, we’ll provide it to the company. In other instances we can grant permission not to share it.

  1. Other details

Beyond the previously mentioned reasons, we may give your personal information to the following organizations in certain circumstances:

  • We will permit contractors, experts, and third-party vendors to offer services to us.
  • To businesses and Facethealthgroup companies and Facethealthgroup affiliates.
  • Following the legal and legal procedures is a requirement and demands from government officials or public officers.
  • To comply with the regulations from the Federal government as well as regulatory agencies regarding the referral of cases or investigations.
  • Enforcement agencies of third parties to enforcement authorities, USER Guidelines, Terms, and CONDITIONS.
  • Third-party partners who protect our operations as well as the related ones.
  • Third-party companies that protect our privacy, privacy rights security rights Security affiliates, security rights you, as well as numerous others.
  • To third parties to limit the damage and seek to find remedies.
  • Third-party organizations investigate and end any suspicious or real actions that do not only relate to misuse of our site or fraud.
  • with third-party buyers in the case of acquisition sales or assignment for third-party purchasers in cases of mergers, joint ventures in reorganization or the selling to third parties of the entire or small portion of assets or businesses which includes bankruptcy proceedings.
  1. Data controller

To make the management of data simple and understandable for all who are reading it, we’ve created two sections that contain information we control and information that is under your control.

7.1 The information we control in our capacity as controllers of data

The data controllers are us for Master Data and other additional information you provide to establish and maintain an account isn’t just restricted to your address, but also an email address and includes your postal address, password, and even your IP address. We monitor data that are not directly connected with this, such for instance, when it is when it comes to services, as well as other areas. The information we collect was disclosed previously, but to comprehend this specific section, please refer back to 2.3

Within the European Union, Denmark’s data protection laws regulate the manner of collecting personal data via Facethealthgroup.

7.2 Data about who is the person in charge of the data

The data controller is responsible for the information you decide to disclose to the website. As with Social Network linking, the personal data you share in connection with the linking of two profile will come under privacy settings for social networks.

  1. Link to additional websites

There are URLs with hyperlinks that redirect you to a different website. It is crucial to realize that we do not endorse any product or service or websites we host on our website. The person who creates the hyperlinks is responsible for adding them after submitting UGC (USER-generated data) for us. We do not control the content or information on websites linked. Wetherefore do not assume any responsibility for policies, practices, and practices as well as any additional information made available by third parties.

If we declare our obligation to the website or the content we have linked , we advise users to check their privacy policies, as well as other information. It’s crucial as the process they employ to collect and process personal data differs from ours. Be aware when you visit any website or acquire any data. We are also not the authority for privacy policies and policies UGC or other details regarding hyperlinked URLs such as products and services or websites.

  1. Data Processing

We have a third party company to manage and handle the technical data on our services and website. The company we use is known for its expertise in handling data in order to safeguard your personal data. If you accept this Policy, you agree to our methods of controlling and regulate your data by our rules.

We have a legally binding irrevocable agreement between a third-party firm and Facethealthgroup. The agreement states that data processing and other actions that require your data will be carried out as per our instructions. When you sign an agreement with us, you grant permission to our business to direct the third-party processor to manage and process your data according to our policies and to fulfill the primary reason for using our website.

We also require the third-party processor to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to guard your data from fraudulent or scammers. They guarantee that your data won’t be stolen, lost or divulged to unauthorised individuals. In addition, sharing personal information violates privacy laws.

If you’d like to learn the way our experts from third parties deal with and use your data, it may be required for the processors of third parties. Our experts will present the evidence that you need to be confident that your information is protected and that the processing is secure from any other entities. They will also describe the security measures used to secure your information.

Facethealthgroup is controlled and operated by United States. This means that the security and the policies that are implemented by Facethealthgroup are not based on the laws that govern the jurisdiction of any other nation or region. If you visit our website from a country other than is not the US you agree to save as well as process personal data inside our US database.

  1. Data retention

We save the records of your reviews, your accounts, and any other actions you’ve performed on our platform. The information you need can be obtained via the email addresses we provide. In addition, the data will be removed of the Main Database when you delete your account on our site. It is crucial to understand that any reviews you’ve posted will be deleted of your profile. Because the database we’ve got is a valuable resource that is worthy of preservation, all information will be erased including your names as well as email addresses, along with the date that your account was deleted and date and. We’ll monitor the information over three years.

Even after you’ve removed your user account from our site, we will continue to monitor your use of our website anonymously and in aggregated forms.

  1. How long Should We Maintain Personal Information?

11.1 Data under Children Under 16


As we’ve mentioned previously that we employ the latest administrative technology, and organizational as well as technological security measures to protect your data. We often review and analyse the security measures we employ to guard against security vulnerabilities. Although the internet cannot guarantee the security you need, and we cannot offer guarantees or warranties on the information that you submit to us. We might be able to send an email to you if you subscribe to our newsletter. However, they aren’t always secure. So, it’s not recommended to send sensitive data via email.

Also, you can read our security guidelines to know more about the latest guidelines and policies. We will continue to enhance our security procedures and update you regularly.

11.2 Weblinks and cookies

We make use of tags and scripts, as well as web beacons in pixels, cookies web beacons, and other technologies to enhance and enhance the experience of our users and also to evaluate the effectiveness of our site offer services, and to market Our products and offerings. For more information on the ways in which third party service providers and we use cookies, and how you can restrict your usage of them, please read the below Cookie Policy.

It is important to know that our website contains hyperlinked URLs that link to other websites. If you access the other website of Facethealthgroup the information that you supply to the site and the use of that information you provide is not in the hands or under the control of Facethealthgroup because they are included in our privacy statement. You are accountable for checking the privacy guidelines on the sites before accessing these websites. Our privacy policy is only applicable to personal information that we receive from you. If you modify the information you provide, for instance, your data, social networks, or personal information, for example. You are responsible to identify our website. Information that you post through other websites including social media sites is subject to their privacy guidelines which are not our own. We’re not responsible for privacy policies that are posted on other websites. We don’t review these policies in any specific. It is important to read any privacy guidelines on other sites before providing them with your data.

11.3 Update of Personal Information

We implement several security measures to ensure that your data is accurate and up-to-date. We also offer the option of updating your information without needing to contact the company or another organization. If you are unable to correct any incorrect information about your account, it’s advised to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll make sure that your information is checked and updated in accordance with your needs and our guidelines. Should you choose to end your account within a few days we will hold certain data for the occasion of legal concerns or legitimate business reasons.

If you provide us with any information about yourself that we collect, we will verify the information before making any decision about the information. If you’re having problems with regards to the deletion of your account from our website Please contact us for assistance and follow our privacy policies.

You are able to easily modify and confirm your personal details when you log into our website. Then, you can go to the account settings.

If you delete your UGC from our website It could be displayed on other websites archives, cached, or other pages. There’s a high possibility that your UGC could be saved, as well as copied and used by different websites. The use and access to the information on our website including UGC are controlled by our guidelines on the terms of service.

11.4 Possibility of changing this Policy

We can modify our privacy policies according to our individual preferences. We are not able to send any kind of announcement to our customers. Therefore, our users are advised to review our guidelines regularly to ensure that they are up to date. You can also search for the most recent information that is available on this website. This will aid them in understanding our current or recent privacy policies.

12 Contact Us

If you are still unsure about our privacy practices and how we process your personal information, get in touch with us via We’ll be happy to help you answer your questions and resolve them within one or two minutes.