How to Find the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

It’s an unwritten regulation of the universe that you simply by no means lay palms upon one other particular person’s treats. You merely don’t make it occur, and anyone who does it requirements to give up it, in case they upset the equilibrium of the universe. To finally profit the universe, that is the way in which to search out the stolen lollipops and recuperate different confections in Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy.

This information exhibits end the “Discover the Stolen Lollipops” goal within the Get well Candies Aspect Quest within the Tower of Fantasy recreation. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG Gacha Recreation that was delivered general on eleventh August 2022.

In Tower of Fantasy, covetousness drove individuals to obliterate their Advance Equipment in Tower of Fantasy, they usually dared to a distant planet referred to as Aida to start one other one. Taking spot within the far future, the sport presents Missions that assist gamers in understanding the world storyline higher. Vagabonds can likewise achieve supplies, step up, and procure awards whereas finishing these journeys.

There are a variety of journeys that you simply’ll be finishing within the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy. At occasions you’ll handle 50+ adversaries with robots and blasts, and a few of the time, you can be searching for stolen sweet for little younger women that have been enjoying discover the stowaway.

Tips on how to Discover the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

In request to recuperate the Stolen Lollipops, gamers must set out on an endeavor to search out Lina, who’s hiding behind Fennie’s kitchen. Nonetheless, to search out Lina’s hiding place, drifters ought to initially end a few journeys to uncover her space.

How To Begin The Stolen Lollipops Mission

The Tower of Fantasy’s Stolen Lollipops Aspect Mission begins within the wake of speaking to Lynx at Astra Shelter, who will clarify to drifters how he received again a cargo from Banges for the upcoming events, but lots of snot-nosed whelps stole lots of confections for themselves, and gained’t let him know the place they hid it. Then, Lynx requests that gamers help with finding the stolen merchandise.

Nonetheless, vagabonds ought to discover Lily in request to assist him since she holds pressing details about the little felony’s space.

The place To Discover Lily

Hiding behind a tree not too distant from Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy, Lily turns into doubtful of the methodology. Since she thinks vagabonds are serving to Lina win their discover the stowaway recreation, she is not going to reply to further inquiries regarding Lina’s space in request to maintain her potentialities profitable portion of the assured lollipops.

That is besides if gamers are keen to supply her just a few confections too, for instance, Sugar Papers.

To realize her belief, collect 5 sacks of Sugar Papers, that are inexperienced and crimson packs which might be dispersed throughout Astra’s protected home. Some Sugar Papers’ areas are:

Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

  • Near Layla, over the Container
  • Round Nico, behind a bit stone
  • Near the tree the place Lily is hiding
  • Within the spherical room, on the steps
  • Earlier than the plant pots, outdoors the Plant Analysis

Lily will spill Lina’s whereabouts subsequent to getting the Sugar Papers.

The place To Discover Lina

When gamers receive Lina’s space from Lily, they will discover her hiding near Fennie’s. Make a beeline for her space and cease for a second to speak with the younger woman, who will overreact after listening to that Mr. Lynx misplaced just a few lollipops and can deny really seeing them.

Nonetheless, subsequent to comforting her and reassuring her that Mr. Lynx gained’t suppose that she was behind the housebreaking of his stolen confections, she’s going to give up and quit the Stolen Lollipops.

In request to get all of the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy prizes from this facet mission, make a beeline for Lynx and hand over all of the gathered sweets. He’ll then assure gamers that he gained’t enable the kids to maneuver away the next time they select to take his confections once more.


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