How Does the Time and Attendance System Actually Work for An Organization (2022)

The right timekeeping technique can assist you in monitoring the duration you expect for specific tasks and highlight time-consuming components. This allows you to reduce any potential issues and boost the efficiency of employees. That’s where the time and attendance systems can help.

Contrary to what is commonly believed the use of software for time and attendance isn’t all about managing employees. The best employee management software will empower your team to manage their work schedules, and improve productivity. In the end, companies are utilizing time management software that has more than 88% of them automating their attendance and time data collection.

Employees can track their day-to-day tasks, project milestones, as well as time-off requests. In the end, employees have a better life/work harmony and are less likely to burn out. the business can simplify the process of payroll.


What Is a Time and Attendance System?

Employers employ time and attendance software to monitor and improve employees’ working hours. With the help of a time tracker you can keep track of the time your employees spend working.

However, it’s more than this. It is also able to help you to monitor employees’ mobile locations with geofencing and geolocation. It can also help create employee schedules, offer an in-depth labor report as well as track paid time off, and give real-time information about who showed up to eat and those who are due for overtime.

How Does It Work for An Organization?

If you’re considering making use of the most efficient timing and attendance program available in the south of Africa, this is what you need to know about it:

Workers can check in and out using timeclocks, mobile applications, and online applications. Certain time and attendance systems allow for users to punch in and out using communications programs like Slack and social media platforms such as Twitter. These time management applications instantly send information to your payroll system.

The self-service configuration for their time-management system allows employees to complete a variety of tasks that require time tracking including monitoring their working schedules and hours. The data they collect from their activities is stored on the servers of your company and the cloud-based systems are managed by your company’s time and attendance service which allows you to connect to them online.

The time-and attendance program could accomplish the following:

Tracks Time and Attendance

Employees are able to access their accounts using an account username and password. Each time they log into the system, it records their attendance. With the help of numerous options to record time in the program, you can make it easy and invite your employees to record their time every time they have breaks at lunch, bathroom breaks, or other types of breaks your company provides.

This can be useful for tracking the time, place, and when your employees make use of their working hours. There may be exceptions in the case of an environment that is dynamic.

Absence Management

According to a study that shows the cost of absenteeism to companies across the U.S. is about $3.6 billion annually. By using time management software, businesses can control and monitor employee time off such as sick leave, vacations, and personal time off. You can gain valuable information on your employees’ performance by studying the data on attendance and time.

It can also be used to determine the various patterns of time off in your organization and identify trends in absenteeism. If you see a potential problem for it, you should address it in time. Additionally, this tool may assist in preventing burnout among employees and feeling underutilized, since they are the most significant reason for absence.


The absence management function in the time and attendance software can be helpful:

  • Approve absence requests and manage absence requests
  • Find out trends and patterns in absenteeism.
  • Be in compliance across multiple locations as required by the law
  • Design the company’s vacation policy

Different Technologies for Clocking In and Out

The various time management services provide a range of solutions to assist workers in logging into their work hours. One instance is the Biometric attendance system. The system can identify specific characteristics of every employee with biometric data like fingerprints and hand geometry, facial recognition, and many more.

The research has shown it is the case that buddy punching (whereby an employee assists another employee clock in) is a cause of the loss of more than $373 million per year in businesses that are located within the U.S.

Biometrics solves the issue of employees who are not ethically logging in on behalf of one another by linking proof of identity to the individual’s body and patterns of activities, providing an efficient electronic attendance program. Other options comprise ID swipe cards, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Time cards, online-based timesheets badges or proximity cards, and attendance software online.

Labor Costing

Controlling and monitoring the cost of labor is easy with the data on attendance and time. A tool for tracking time and attendance’s advantages in calculating labor costs permit you to schedule weekly and daily projects or tasks, assess the costs of tasks scheduled, and budget appropriately to fund future tasks.

So, the management is able to accurately estimate the number of employees who must be working and how long they’ll need to work. In addition, employees can keep track of shifts, hours, and shifts as well as change tasks effortlessly. Payroll processes, timesheets, jobs along with labor cost codes are automatically added to the employee’s timesheet.

Time-tracking apps for mobile devices installed on the phones of your employees can be turned into the timers of employees working in remote workplaces. The app can be opened and select an item, then clock in and out, track work hours, ask for time off, take breaks, and clock out.


In Conclusion

These tools for time and attendance are a viable workforce solution that increases productivity while making it easier for businesses and their employees to complete different administrative and work-related tasks on any device and anytime. Therefore, managers won’t be required to spend time controlling their employees.


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